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The Ronnie Lane Gem Hidden Beneath The Faces' Biggest Hit

I just recently had the pleasure of interviewing Caroline Stafford, the co-author of the brand new book called "Anymore For Anymore: The Ronnie Lane Story". As we wound down the interview we talked about our favorite Ronnie Lane songs and my first inclination was to pick "Stay With Me". It's a classic track and was the band's biggest hit single. But I couldn't help but lean towards my emotional pick and it was the B-Side to "Stay With Me" called "Debris".

"Debris" was written in tribute to Ronnie’s father Stanley, who passed away due to pneumonia in 1969. The song was included on the Faces 1971 album A Nod Is As Good As a Wink... to a Blind Horse. Lane takes us back to his childhood visits to Club Row market, in Lane’s native East London, with his father, Stanley, who would spend hours sifting through the debris for a hidden gem. Little did he know he would be the inspiration behind this hidden gem his son.

Watch Ronnie Lane Perform "Debris" In 1980 At Rockaplast


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