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1.3 Million Reasons Why Rock & Roll Isn't Dead

Looks like 80s rockers may be playing well into their 80s if the fans have their say.

The Mötley Crüe/Def Leppard stadium tour also featuring Poison and Joan Jett raked in $173.5 million, according to a recent report by Billboard. All told, there were 1.3 million tickets sold across 36 dates and the average tickets sold per night were 37,520. Each show earned just under $5 million.

Ultimate Classic Rock's Corey Irwin pulled some good quotes from a few band members who posted to social media:

Poison Drummer Rikki Rockett: “I think we proved that rock ’n’ roll is not dead. Neither is our brand of rock ’n’ roll!”

Mötley Crüe Bassist Nikki Sixx: "Somebody said rock is dead. They can suck my dick."

Glad I never said rock is dead.

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