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All Dave All Night: Fan Brings David Lee Roth To Animated Life With YouTube Tribute Channel

One of the beautiful things about where we are in the year 2022 is that artists can share their work without having to get the green light from anyone. Just put it out there and let the people decide if it's good or bad. In the case of Ramses Rios, this shit is DAMN GOOOOOD!!!!

Ramses hit my radar a while back when seeing one of his videos on YouTube thanks to my algorithm bringing me a ton of Van Halen, David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar related videos. Eventually, Van Halen historian Greg Renoff posted Ramses' videos on his Twitter page and before long it became the topic of discussion with VHND publisher Jeff Hausman. We've been wanting to do an article on Ramses for a while and finally made it happen.

Full disclosure: I am an obsessed fan of all things Van Halen but before you throw me in the loony bin, I'm not alone. Ramses is as big a fan of DLR as me and many others, only he has a way of expressing his fandom in a way I could never. I wrote an article for the Van Halen News Desk and just posted it today. Give it a read, check out Ramses' videos (one of them at the top of this page) and give him the accolades he deserves. He's too modest to brag so I'll do it for him!

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