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How Not To Get A Gig: Have Zero Empathy

During a recent interview, Geddy Lee revealed something that shows just how morally bankrupt people can be. This story is just hard to believe. Then again, is it?

Four years ago this month, Rush drummer Neil Peart sadly passed away after a battle with brain cancer. It was a gut punch for Rush fans so imagine how it felt to be Neil's long-time friends and bandmates Geddy and Alex Lifeson. During a recent interview with Canadian broadcaster George Stroumboulopoulos, Geddy talked about some of the "inappropriate" messages he received from hopeful drummers after Peart had just died.

"Oh, yeah, I heard from all kinds [of people]," Lee said. "That was a very weird moment. My little black book got filled up really quickly.

"I was, like, 'Whoa, that's just so inappropriate right now,'" added Geddy. "Dude, wait two months. At least two months, if ever.'"

Geddy says it's happening all over again since he and Alex recently made comments alluding to the possibility of the two reforming Rush with a new drummer.

"It still happens," said Geddy. "Now that the clickbait freaks are out there talking about Alex and I getting a new drummer and starting Rush again."

To those drummers who couldn't wait to replace Neil Peart: It takes more than talent to make it in this world. Sometimes you have to have a heart.

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