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Listen To The Haunting Song That Foretold The Singer's Frightening Descent Into Murder

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Author Steven L. Jones just recently made a visit to the Booked On Rock podcast to talk about his brand new book Murder Ballads Old and New: A Dark and Bloody Record. In the book is the story of a bluesman named Pat Hare, which will give you the chills. You can get the whole story in the latest Booked On Rock video below but the abbreviated version is this: The dude wrote a song about killing his girlfriend and then killed his girlfriend. Yup.

Below is the song Hare released in 1954 called "I'm Gonna Murder My Baby":

Now that you've heard the song, find out what happens next and what became of Pat Hare from Steven L. Jones:

Listen To Episode 167 Of Booked On Rock

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