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Royalty: The Rolling Stones Defy Age With Fierce New Track 'Angry'

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

The Rolling Stones really are something to marvel. Now in their sixth decade as a band, they are about to release their 26th studio album and by the sounds of their lead single "Angry", they have as much energy as a 26-year-old.

Seriously, check out the video above and tell me this sounds like a band made up of members in their late 70s, even 80 (Mick Jagger turned 80 in July, Keith Richards is 79, Ronnie Wood is the baby of the band at 76). "Angry" is from the album titled Hackney Diamonds, which will be released on October 20th. Twelve brand new tracks, two featuring the late great Charlie Watts on drums, with the rest featuring his replacement, Steve Jordan.

The riff is classic Keith Richards, who called it "funky" during the band's recent interview with Jimmy Fallon to promote the video and upcoming album. At one point, Fallon brought up the fact that Hackney Diamonds is the band's first album of originals in 18 years. Mick's response: "We were lazy!". Nah, I don't think so Mick. He also noted that all of the tracks on the album share the same theme of "anger".

What could the Rolling Stones be angry about you may ask? Maybe they're pissed off at all of their fellow rockers dying. Maybe they're sick of hearing rock and roll is dead. I guess they've decided get even with "Angry".


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