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Wolfie Plays Van Halen!!!!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Wolfgang Van Halen showed up for the Taylor Hawkins Tribute this weekend at Wembley Stadium in London and left us Van Halen fans pleasantly shocked when he played lead guitar on two VH classics:"On Fire" and "Hot For Teacher".

Wolf has been clear that he has no intention of playing Van Halen in concert during his Mammoth WVH shows so why play them here? Easy. Taylor was a HUGE Van Halen fan (even had his own VH tribute band) so it made perfect sense. If it's what Taylor wanted, then it's what Taylor will get. Wolf was a friend and huge fan of Taylor and Foo Fighters and he paid proper respect.

While I certainly respect Wolf's decision to avoid the VH catalog during his Mammoth WVH shows (he wants to blaze a trail of his own), this was proof that, if he wanted to, he could pull off his dad's licks with ease. At one point, he even displayed a bit of that classic Eddie Van Halen grin during his performance. Goosebumps!!!!!!

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