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What's The Greatest Cheap Trick Song Of All Time? [POLL]

I just posted my interview with Brian J. Kramp, the author of the excellent book "This Band Has No Past: How Cheap Trick Became Cheap Trick", which you can listen to HERE. I also recommend checking out Brian's podcast "Rock And/Or Roll". As mentioned in the interview, he posted an episode featuring clips of the interviews he conducted for the book. Check it out HERE.

Now I wanna know what Cheap Trick song you say is the best of them all. Check out the selections and vote now!

What Is The Greatest Cheap Trick Song?

  • 0%"Surrender"

  • 0%"I Want You To Want Me" (live)

  • 0%"Ain't That A Shame" (live)

  • 0%"Dream Police"

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